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Office Hours

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About Us

We are a South Australian based organisation working within the regions of Gawler to Aldinga and up to Adelaide Hills. We are focused on helping to make the seemingly unachievable easy to reach. With the help of our tireless staff, we assist with daily activities, social gatherings and anything else you may require to achieve your goals.

The Your Path team ensures a tailored support, in order to help you follow your interests and assist with your needs.

We are highly motivated when it comes to your care and look forward to working with all members of our community the best way we can.

How We Can Help You

At Your Path we aim to ensure you get the best quality service possible. Some of the supports we provide are;

  1. Community engagement (Group Activities, Sports, etc)
  2. Recreational Activities (Fishing, Exercise, Hobbies, etc)
  3. Assisting with Daily Activities, (Shopping, Meal prep, etc)
  4. Overnight Stays (Short Term Respite, STA)

Community engagement

Community engagement would have to be one of the most important things for an individual.

At Your Path, we offer a range of different activities to help you engage with your community. However our focus is to help you find the activities and hobbies you enjoy most.

If there is an event, a function or activity you wish to do, please let us know so we can do our best to make it happen.

Recreational activities

When it comes to recreational activities, Your Path is extremely diverse. We can offer a range of different activities including, but not limited to; fishing, kayaking, bike riding, the gym, art classes, sports days, car gatherings, museums and more.

Lets find you a hobby!

Daily Activities

Assisting with daily activities can occur within the house or while out and about. We understand sometimes it can be difficult doing your household chores like shopping, washing, cooking and general household maintenance.

This is where we can step in to help you find routine, structure and balance while staying on top of those daily tasks.

Overnight Stays

At Your Path we are all about family. We understand as a care giver sometimes you need a break and a little down time. Sometimes situations may arise and there may be a need for assistance outside of your normal arrangements.

This is where we can offer STA (Short term accommodation), Short term respite or MTA (Medium term accommodation)

If this is something you require, please contact us so we can assure one of our accommodations is available to you.


Assistance in guiding learning experiences, and teaching participants how to identify, access and navigate tools and resources that support them to become increasingly self-sufficient.